Pulp Products

BioSwag · styled by nature

No trees cut,

Every part of this product fully biodegrades within 3-6 months.It’s disposal is as easy as throwing it in your backyard.

Oil and water

Our products are oil and water resistant. So with the added advantage of being green, they are extremely practical as well.

Oven and freezer

Need to store something for later use? We have you covered. These products can be stored in fridges and freezers and reheated in ovens/microwaves!


This product is “styled by nature”. Our sugar pulp paperboard has a unique and smooth texture, the soft light colour creates an elegant finished product. As we like to say: “Let the elegance of nature design your table setting!”


Our simple process creates incredibly durable products. They do not melt meaning you can use them in the oven or microwave. They do not bleed moisture nor deform or discolour in the sun.


Elegance is simplicity. Our sugarcane pulp products are a simple solution so there are
no extravagant costs!